April 23, 2014

Physical Therapist Assistant Salary

Physical Therapist Assistant SalaryAre you considering a career as a physical therapy assistant? One of your primary questions about becoming a physical therapist assistant (PTA) is likely to be related to what kind of physical therapist assistant salary you will be able to command when you have qualified to work as a PTA. There are a lot of factors that can impact the range of salary for physical therapist assistants. By understanding all of these factors, you can determine if being a PTA is the right career choice for you.

Here are some of the factors that could play a role in affecting the physical therapist assistant salary that you can earn.

• Your geographic location will have a large impact on your salary potential because salaries are typically guided by the cost of living in the area, and also on the type of demand that there is for your skill set in the area. A higher population density can equate to a higher need for PTAs, just as a higher cost of living can equate to a higher salary.

• The type of experience that you have will affect your earnings potential. We all need to start somewhere when embarking on a new career and you may see that your starting salary after graduation is around $30,000. However you will quickly be able to see an increase in your salary and in the salary that you can command once you get more hands-on experience.

• Another determining factor for how much physical therapy assistants earn is the type of training, licenses, and certifications that they have. The more education you have, even if you are cross-trained in a few other specialties, the more in demand your skills will be, which will equate to a higher earnings potential.

• The company, hospital, or medical practice that you work for will have an impact on how much you will earn as a PTA. For example, private hospitals and private companies may have a larger budget that will afford them the ability to pay higher salaries for qualified physical therapist assistants. On the other hand, working for public funded facilities might not leave you with much negotiating room in the salary you could be offered.
The average salary for physical therapist assistants in the United States has typically been seen to be $46,000. Salaries may range from $30,000 a year up to $80,000 a year.

Here are a few examples of what the average physical therapist assistant salary is in several states in the USA.

• California: $51,000
• Maine: $41,800
• Arizona: $46,300
• Georgia: $46,500
• Kentucky: $45,100
• Texas: $46,300
• New York: $54,300
• Florida: $43,600

There are also a lot of variables that can affect the type of salary physical therapist assistants can expect to earn in several other countries around the globe. The cost of living, the demand for skilled PTAs, and the country’s economic climate will affect the salary range.

• South Africa: $25,000
• France: $32,000
• Australia: $32,800
• United Kingdom: $35,000

A lot of physical therapist assistants attain their certifications and licenses that will allow them to work as qualified PTAs, and then return to school part-time in order to complete the education that will allow them to become fully-fledged physical therapists, which can then help them to see a very large increase in salary. The average salary for a physical therapist in the USA tends to be in the $80,000 range, which makes it a very appealing career aspiration for someone starting out as a PTA.

Remember to always know your worth when you are looking for a new job. Do a bit of research into what average salaries are in your area, for someone with your skill set and experience. This will help you to ensure you get fairly compensated for the work that you will do.

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